Partner Led Growth: The Podcast

Driving Digital Transformations – Ananth Avva – Partner Led Growth – Episode #013

MSPs deal with clients using hundreds of SaaS applications which are often connected in a tangled web that makes fixing a problem nearly impossible. Thankfully, the tools to create a straightforward framework and provide visibility exist and Ananth Avva is shining the spotlight on them. From this episode, you’ll understand the emerging new role that MSPs fill for their clients, how to build connected systems using input from the right people, and

Becoming an MSSP – Robert Johnston – Partner Led Growth – Episode #013

Why are MSPs leaving money on the table and not fully satisfying their customers? Robert Johnston, CEO of Adlumin and a cybersecurity industry leader, shares his thoughts on the future of the cybersecurity space and how MSPs can make the most of the opportunities available. You’ll hear about the three customer types that vendors need to build for, how MSPs can upsell their existing clients, and what profitable industries MSPs are overlooking.

The SaaS Assumption Gap – George Smith – Partner Led Growth – Episode #012

MSPs need to work with customers to close the chasm of assumed responsibility around their IT solutions and their management. George Smith is providing the keys to help you mind the gap with your clients! You’ll learn about the opportunities that are available for MSPs, how to identify and communicate the core problem of Shadow IT to your customers, and when the MSP should actually fire a client.

The Art Of The Possible – Todd Abbott – Partner Led Growth – Episode #011

Start capturing and utilizing the data you need to improve your sales process and convert more leads. Todd Abbott, a self-professed sales scientist, is sharing the secrets to fixing your B2B sales using insights from a more complete data perspective. You’ll learn about the external perspective of your sales stages, how to accurately track the progress of your deals, and how to provide more predictive analytics.

Searching for the Second “S” – Greg Edwards – Partner Led Growth – Episode # 010

Get ready to dive into the world of threat detection and response and the technology that makes it possible. Greg Edwards is a longtime cybersecurity expert and is sharing his view on how the landscape is changing for MSPs and what’s next for cybersecurity. You’ll learn about the transition from simple anti-virus to the solutions of today, how to prepare your MSP for the future, and how to have a more effective sales process.

Marketing For MSPs – Olivier L’Abbé – Partner Led Growth – Episode #009

Both MSPs and technology partners need to start building content strategies in order to connect with their customers. Marketing Tech expert Olivier L’Abbé, is sharing the keys to building your own inbound content marketing machine! Prepare to learn what the three types of content are and why you need them, why inbound is more efficient than outbound, and how to stand out amongst your competitors’ marketing.

The Future of MSPs – Amit Bareket – Partner Led Growth – Episode #008

With the business world in the midst of massive upheaval, companies that are looking to be successful need to look for ways to adapt to the changing market. Thankfully for MSPs Amit Bareket knows all about what the coming market demand will look like and he is letting MSPs know where they will have to focus to meet the demand. You’ll hear about the impact that working remotely has had on cybersecurity, who the looming competitors are for MSPs, and how to show value to your customers and expand your business with them.

Supplying a Single Solution – David Nuti – Partner Led Growth – Episode #007

Right now, so many MSPs are desperately trying to become MSSPs but they don’t know what steps to take. Thankfully, David Nuti knows all about this challenge and can help you with your own company’s struggles. You’ll hear about how to cross the education gap as an MSP, what clients are really looking for in their technology solutions, and how to change the dynamic in the relationship between you and your clients.

Securing Your Inbox – Brian Byrne – Partner Led Growth – Episode #006

Cyberattacks have been on the rise and the easiest way for attackers to infiltrate your organization is through your inbox. Thankfully Brian Byrne has the tips to keep your organization and your clients’ organizations safe. You’ll learn all about what steps to follow to minimize your risk, how solutions providers should align themselves to MSPs, and how to add value to your stack at scale.

Limiting Your Liability Online – Kirsten Bay – Partner Led Growth – Episode #005

Do you know how much cyber insurance your business should be paying for to be adequately protected? Do your clients have any kind of cyber insurance? Do you even understand cyber insurance? Well you will because Kirsten Bay is breaking the whole business down into plain English. You’ll learn how to evaluate your business’s risk, increase the value of the services you provide to clients, and what new changes are impacting MSPs that could increase your liability.

Speed, Scale, & Scope – Charlie Clark – Partner Led Growth – Episode #004

Developing a culture of digital security within your company and those you partner with is now more important than ever, but the first steps towards it aren’t always clear. Charlie Clark explains the roles that certain decision-makers must take on to tackle the risks posed and how companies, specifically MSPs, can best present these decision-makers with data and solutions they can understand. You’ll learn all about the increasing threats of cyberattacks, who is at risk, and the vital role that MSPs can play in the success of the clients moving forward.

Empowering Your Employees – Javier Aldrete – Partner Led Growth – Episode #003

Companies are struggling in the transition to remote and hybrid work with how to manage their workforce. Managers want to balance the visibility of their workforce with the flexibility they offer them. Javier Aldrete is lighting the path forward through the technological wilderness. You’ll learn about the tools that help you design your day to increase your productivity, focus, and health in both your work and personal life. Find out how to determine your measurable baseline and the actionable things you can do to improve particular areas of your life

Replicating Culture While Hybrid – Annil Chandel – Partner Led Growth – Episode #002

Since the start of the Covid pandemic, businesses around the world have been forced to rapidly adopt a hybrid or remote work environment. Without proper care, this can be fraught with issues for both the company and the employees. Annil Chandel is an outspoken voice in the discussion around hybrid work and he is sharing the key tips to setting your company up for achieving great success even while working in a hybrid environment.

SMBs Adopting Tech – Shruti Ghatge – Partner Led Growth – Episode #001

The challenges for MSPs and SMBs are ever-evolving and increasingly intertwined leading to a highly complex and specialized environment. Shruti Ghatge, the founder of Zomentum shares her thoughts on the largest issues in the industry and some of the solutions to them. Despite the problems caused by the growing adoption of tech solutions by SMBs, Technology Partners have a way to find real success that can provide solutions at scale to an ever-growing customer base.

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