The Future of MSPs – Amit Bareket – Partner Led Growth – Episode #008

With the business world in the midst of massive upheaval, companies that are looking to be successful need to look for ways to adapt to the changing market. Thankfully for MSPs Amit Bareket knows all about what the coming market demand will look like and he is letting MSPs know where they will have to focus to meet the demand. You’ll hear about the impact that working remotely has had on cybersecurity, who the looming competitors are for MSPs, and how to show value to your customers and expand your business with them.


  • The way the world works has radically changed in a very short span over the past few years with companies being forced to rely heavily on working remotely and using the cloud. The existing security infrastructure has been shown to be woefully inept.
  • There is a shortage of IT and security experts that companies can hire and have available internally. This creates an incredible opportunity for MSPs and MSSPs to provide these companies with the expertise and solutions that they so desperately need.
  • With the convergence of many technologies and services, MSPs need to push towards providing some of the networking side because, if they don’t look to expand, the security vendors won’t have any pushback as they grab up the market.
  • With the rise in remote work, within the next 10 years the need for on premise firewall hardware will diminish and companies will look to outsource more of their IT work to experts, such as service providers. MSPs need to gain that expertise before this hits.
  • To develop this expertise, MSPs need to work with and learn from SASEs so that they are able offer the correct solutions for clients when they are faced with the shifting demand.
  • For some vendors, their best and biggest customers are often MSPs which share in a mutually beneficial relationship with the vendors. The vendors see much higher value when dealing with MSPs rather than dealing directly with customers.
  • When selling to a customer, MSPs should try to start small and show the customer all the value they are getting from a small portion of what the MSP can provide and this will help the MSP expand the services provided to the client over time.

Quote of the Show:

  • “We’re going to see companies and end customers reducing their dependencies on internal IT teams and migrate that work to experts, specifically service providers. And it means that MSPs need to start and prepare themselves with the right expertise” – Amit Bareket

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