Ben Spector
About me

Ben Spector

Hi, I’m Ben Spector, a trusted and innovative IT advisor with over 15 years’ experience in the IT Industry.

I founded, matured, managed and sold my 100+ clients MSP business, and now provide tactical support and mentoring services to clients looking to achieve the same success with their managed service business.

As an IT Advisor I guide my SME clients on the most effective use of emerging technologies. These technologies include:

  • Business process optimisation
  • Cybersecurity posture
  • Automation
  • and utilising leading-edge IT to enable bottom line improvements of 25—50%.

My experiences have provided me with a solid understanding of the most effective MSP business tactics and strategies to deliver growth, delight clients and develop effective relationships with vendors and partners.

I’d love to work with you and help develop and grow your MSP business.

How Will Tactical Support Help My MSP?

The Bigger Picture

From running my own MSP, I know how easy it is to get caught up in the day-to-day activities. Time that could be spent growing your business is spent elsewhere. As an Owner, you’ll be spending time ensuring:

– you’re delivering best-in-breed service to clients

– that your teams are supported, trained and effective

– and that client strategies and projects are being optimised and developed.

All tasks take tend to take up more time and dedication than initially suspected, and often this impacts efficiencies and other tasks, meaning less time to invest in the growth of your business.

Alongside the management side of things, I’ve found that MDs/Owners are also managing up-sale opportunities, holding client strategy consultations, delivering ad hoc, long-term, and interim support, and more.  With all these ‘hats’, and pressure, evolving the growth of your MSP, developing, and implementing your own strategy can take a back seat.

The demands brought about by Covid-19 caused many businesses, MSP’s included, to change how they worked, to define fully-remote working practices and implement them internally while assisting their clients. This has altered how companies work, and as MSPs are addressing the New-Normal needs for their clients, their own strategies and processes have to be tactically reviewed to ensure best-practice internally.

When’s the last time you had the time to review your own business strategy?


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