MSP Mentor – Tactical Support Services for Managed Service Providers

Providing advice and consultancy for those MSP specific business issues

Over the 10+ years running, developing, and eventually selling my MSP I faced many challenges, all of which, I not only overcame, but learnt countless lessons from.

Trial and error and failure and success – the struggles I encountered running my business were sometimes hard, but they always provided better understanding, greater resilience, and ensured we curated smarter, more efficient working practices.  I grew my MSP business from sole-trader to supporting over 100 large clients at the time of sale in 2020.

I’m delighted to be able to share my experiences, solutions, and knowledge with other MSP owners, and provide bespoke technical and business management consultancy services to MSPs and IT business. Over the last year alone, I’ve worked with many business owners who need guidance and support, for business solutions or strategic advice.

My Services Include


Technical, strategic business management consulting and mentoring for MSPs.

I provide Mentoring, Non-Executive Director Strategic Business Advice, and Consultation to MSPs and technical businesses across the UK.

I also develop business strategies and set in place the tools and processes to achieve KPI focussed business goals.

Tactical Support Packages

Datto Autotask

Set up and Management

I’m an expert on Datto’s powerful cloud-based Autotask PSA (Professional Services Automation). This means I can ensure the platform is efficiently configured and maintained to your specific requirements.

I can define and create time saving billing/revenue processes, automations, and bespoke dashboards and reporting to suit your specific requirements.

Autotask Consulting


Solution design and process automation

Currently holding a Product & Solutions leadership position internally at Zomentum, I have unparalleled knowledge across the entire product portfolio, including Zomentum Grow (sales CRM), Zomentum Connect (licence reconciliation), and Zomentum Payments.

I can work with clients to design systems, processes, automation, and workflow integrations beyond what Zomentum’s support team can offer directly.

Zomentum Consulting

HubSpot Platinum Partner

Implementation, process design and integration

I can help to achieve better commercials on new HubSpot subscriptions, assist with deployment, and build out workflows and processes across the entire revenue stack.

We can work to introduce levels of marketing and sales automation never thought possible!

HubSpot Consulting

Business Process Management

I’m strategically minded and highly proficient in developing a complete MSP ecosystem. Bringing together proven management tools to create your perfect management environment.

My expertise includes – Automation, process definitions, optimisation, reporting and management.

Additional Mentors and Support

My time in the industry has provided me with many well-respected contacts. Through these strong relationships I’m able to facilitate introductions to other complementary services, including:

Proven business coaches, specialised marketing agencies, IT recruiters, professional IT telesales resources, freelance engineers, and community/networking groups.

Further Expertise

I’m highly skilled at sales and marketing pipeline management, able to provide technical implementation and automation of your pipeline and business tools.

I can also define and assist with your:

  • Integration strategy
  • Lead capture
  • Pipeline management
  • Sales process
  • Pipeline stages
  • Client fit assessments & technical pre-sales assessments.
  • Billing automation


Thanks to my industry knowledge, my networking undertakings, and my experience, I’m able to facilitate strategic and beneficial introductions for business referrals with proven solutions, businesses, technologies, events and contacts.

My Clients Say

How Will Tactical Support Help My MSP?

The Bigger Picture

From running my own MSP, I know how easy it is to get caught up in the day-to-day:

– Trying to ensure that you’re delivering best-in-breed service to clients,
– Ensuring your teams are supported, trained and effective
– Managing and developing client strategies and projects ensuring they’re being optimised and developed.

All tasks take tend to take up more time and dedication than initially suspected, and often this impacts efficiencies and other tasks.

Alongside the day-to-day, MSP owners are more often than not also:

– Managing up-sale opportunities,
– Holding client strategy consultations,
– Delivering ad hoc, long-term, and interim support,
– along with much more.

With this added pressure and drain on your time, evolving the growth of your MSP, developing, and implementing your own strategy, can take a back seat.

Losing sight of your personal goals for the business, can be easy to do.

The demands brought about by Covid-19 caused many businesses, MSP’s included, to change how they worked, to define fully-remote working practices and implement them internally while assisting their clients. This has transformed the working world, and as MSPs were addressing the New-Normal needs for their clients, their own strategies and processes also had to be tactically reviewed to ensure best-practice internally. This additional work has meant that many busy MSP owners are struggling to define and attain their long-term personal and professional goals.

As the owner of an MSP, when was the last time you reviewed your business strategy in line with your personal goals?

Ready to grow your MSP and reach your personal goals?

Ready to grow your MSP and reach your personal goals?

Tactical Support


To ensure my mentorship services are right for you, I offer two packages, Standard and Enhanced. Feel free to get in touch to discuss which service would be most relevant for your needs and situation.

Standard Mentorship
795 £

If you’re looking for some regular additional support to benefit your business and operations, the entry level support programme is perfect for you.

The Standard Mentorship includes an email advice service and twice-monthly calls to assess, address and review your business.

  • Twice-monthly scheduled call with summary notes
  • Retained MSP Business Advice Service (via email), but would expect most issues to be left for scheduled calls
  • Service can be augmented with additional time or fixed-price consulting
  • All interactions via video or voice calls
  • Initial 6-month minimum, then 30-day rolling commitment
Fast Track
Enhanced Mentorship
1495 £

To fast-track your business or, to provide additional strategic support, my Enhanced Mentorship Service would be the most effective solution.

The Enhanced Mentorship Service provides the services in Standard, but with the added advantage of weekly calls, and 24 hr response times for urgent matters.

  • Weekly scheduled call with summary notes
  • Retained MSP Business Advice Service (via call or email) with 24-hour response SLA for urgent matters and 48-hour response SLA for non-urgent matters
  • Service can be augmented with additional time or fixed-price consulting
  • All interactions via video or voice calls
  • Initial 6-month minimum, then 30-day rolling commitment