Speed, Scale, & Scope – Charlie Clark – Partner Led Growth – Episode #004

Developing a culture of digital security within your company and those you partner with is now more important than ever, but the first steps towards it aren’t always clear. Charlie Clark explains the roles that certain decision-makers must take on to tackle the risks posed and how companies, specifically MSPs, can best present these decision-makers with data and solutions they can understand. You’ll learn all about the increasing threats of cyberattacks, who is at risk, and the vital role that MSPs can play in the success of the clients moving forward.


  • The role of finance directors now includes overseeing the risks that cyber security raises towards business resilience. A cyber attack can severely impact your company’s supply chain, operations, and much more, so your digital and cyber strategies are paramount.
  • In today’s evolving cyber risk landscape, governments around the world are pleading with businesses to bring their security and operating systems up to date as private businesses are now just as much of a target for cyberattacks from aggressor nations.
  • Ransom demand increased 60% up to around $300,000 in Q4 of 2021. This increase was largely fuelled by extorters targeting mid-market and smaller companies, as they were easier to hack and draw less attention.
  • To assess your own company’s level of risk, you must look at the state of security in the companies that you partner with and sell to and the companies that they sell to. You don’t want a virus to enter one client or partner and spread to others in the value chain.
  • With increasing risks, CFOs and other financial decision-makers need data that has been translated into business actionable intelligence so as to respond appropriately.
  • Managing cyber risks is increasingly becoming part of the role of MSPs and this creates an incredible opportunity for them, in that they can have serious strategy discussions with decision-makers and establish great influence within the company.
  • When communicating with clients about their security vulnerabilities, it’s important for MSPs to not just dump a laundry list of problems on the client. Rather, come with a solution to those problems with services that you can then sell to the client.

Quote of the Show:

  • “As a salesman, if you can deliver something very quickly, that is a tangible outcome, the business case writes itself” – Charlie Clark

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