Replicating Culture While Hybrid – Annil Chandel – Partner Led Growth – Episode #002

Since the start of the Covid pandemic, businesses around the world have been forced to rapidly adopt a hybrid or remote work environment. Without proper care, this can be fraught with issues for both the company and the employees. Annil Chandel is an outspoken voice in the discussion around hybrid work and he is sharing the key tips to setting your company up for achieving great success even while working in a hybrid environment.


  • The concept of the “work environment” is ever-changing. Consider the stark contrast between a traditional 1960’s “corner office” ideal and the open and collaborative spaces which have become more commonplace.
  • The Covid pandemic forced everyone into working from home and people initially experienced euphoria followed by isolation, gaps in productivity, and zoom fatigue. It also underscored how vital technology and software are in keeping everyone connected.
  • There are a number of challenges that hybrid working presents businesses, namely visibility, collaboration, and company culture.
  • When evaluating potential technology solutions for hybrid work, first look at the ease of integration with your existing tools. Second, because of how valuable video communication is, make sure the solution either offers or integrates well with video.
  • Think about how you can replicate the culture and interactions of the physical work environment into your Hybrid work solution.
  • Make sure to keep your product ever-evolving to give the customer the best possible experience.
  • With many companies entering the market it’s very hard to differentiate your company and product but that’s why it’s so important. Also of note for new companies, is that they should build integrations for the services their large customers already use.

Quote of the Show:

  • “Picking technology to solve this isn’t easy because I don’t think there’s one size that fits all and where we’re all looking for the holy grail of solutions to enable our workforces.” – Annil Chandel

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