Searching for the Second “S” – Greg Edwards – Partner Led Growth – Episode # 010

Get ready to dive into the world of threat detection and response and the technology that makes it possible. Greg Edwards is a longtime cybersecurity expert and is sharing his view on how the landscape is changing for MSPs and what’s next for cybersecurity. You’ll learn about the transition from simple anti-virus to the solutions of today, how to prepare your MSP for the future, and how to have a more effective sales process.


  • In order for an MSP to become an MSSP, they need to have the right team and they also need to have the right tools and train their teams on those tools. MSPs need to find the right stack and then train their staff on that stack.
  • MSPs need to transition to MSSPs over the next few years for the sake of their own survival. They will need to be capable of providing layered security for their clients.
  • Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) transitioned to Managed Detection & Response (MDR) which is the security operations center that manages the EDR. 
  • MDR transitioned to Extended Detection & Response (XDR) which has more complexity and pulls in data from more sources. However, not all XDRs will have the same level of automated response tools.
  • Because of the complexity and cost, unless an MSP has a massive workforce, they should not attempt to build their own Security Operations Center (SOC).
  • EDRs are able to look beyond just files that have been identified as malicious, so they can identify threats based on the malicious intent of the behavior that the EDR has tracked. 
  • The need for automated responses to attacks is greater than ever, especially with long delays for someone to actually look at an attack and the advent of “time bombs” being used by attackers to initiate the attack during off-hours. 

Quote of the Show:

  • “You have to be providing security and layered security to your clients to continue to be in business. So every MSP has to make that transition” – Greg Edwards

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