Empowering Your Employees – Javier Aldrete – Partner Led Growth – Episode #003

Companies are struggling in the transition to remote and hybrid work with how to manage their workforce. Managers want to balance the visibility of their workforce with the flexibility they offer them. Javier Aldrete is lighting the path forward through the technological wilderness. You’ll learn about the tools that help you design your day to increase your productivity, focus, and health in both your work and personal life. Find out how to determine your measurable baseline and the actionable things you can do to improve particular areas of your life


  • Employees who are now working remote or hybrid are facing issues of being overworked and are headed towards burnout and fatigue. In many cases, they are working all day, over collaborating, and being distracted.
  • Before you can start improving your work habits and workday design, you need to measure your baseline to find what works best for you and what areas you can begin changing.
  • Having scheduled break times in your day is extremely important. Breaks help to improve your productivity, health, and focus. 
  • When introducing a new technology solution, it’s imperative that you demonstrate and communicate the value of the solution so that you can get the workforce to not only accept the change but buy into the change.
  • The focus of employee monitoring should not be finding bad apples and removing them, rather the focal point is finding trends of those who are working well and trying to replicate that. 
  • There are many great use cases for using employee monitoring within companies of all sizes based on what they need in particular and what value they can derive from the solution.
  • For those developing their own technology solutions, it’s better to provide users with the insights they want by integrating your solution into the larger platforms they have, such as Google Workspace or Microsoft 360, than trying to get them to your app.

Quote of the Show:

  • “People buy on a narrative and on a personal basis based on stories, not necessarily just on a checklist of feature function.” – Javier Aldrete

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