Securing Your Inbox – Brian Byrne – Partner Led Growth – Episode #006

Cyberattacks have been on the rise and the easiest way for attackers to infiltrate your organization is through your inbox. Thankfully Brian Byrne has the tips to keep your organization and your clients’ organizations safe. You’ll learn all about what steps to follow to minimize your risk, how solutions providers should align themselves to MSPs, and how to add value to your stack at scale.


  • Over 90% of cyber attackers gain access to organizations via email. Increasingly, these cyber attackers are targeting smaller companies with a huge number of different types of attacks.
  • One of the best and simplest ways to minimize your risk of certain cyberattacks is to practice good password hygiene. For MSPs, many of their clients probably don’t follow the same level of password security hygiene.
  • Email providers and email security companies are getting very good at filtering and blocking spam emails. Because of this, attackers are now trying to take the conversation offline and will ask for your mobile number and or WhatsApp.
  • A large problem for MSPs is a technology that has a big learning curve because this places the responsibility for onboarding the clients on the MSP. Solutions providers should try to make their products easy to use for the end customer.
  • It’s easier for companies that are just starting out to align themselves and their product with MSPs than it is for companies to realign existing former enterprise products.
  • When MSPs are looking to add a solution to their stack, they need to involve the functional leaders within their company, not just their CEO. For example, the head of marketing will ask different questions of the solution than the CEO.

Quote of the Show:

  • “Manipulation and getting an emotional response from the recipient is integral to the success of the scam” – Brian Byrne

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