Marketing For MSPs – Olivier L’Abbé – Partner Led Growth – Episode #009

Both MSPs and technology partners need to start building content strategies in order to connect with their customers. Marketing Tech expert Olivier L’Abbé, is sharing the keys to building your own inbound content marketing machine! Prepare to learn what the three types of content are and why you need them, why inbound is more efficient than outbound, and how to stand out amongst your competitors’ marketing.


  • Content based on your buyer personas helps your business engage with targets. There are three types of content: Top of Funnel Content; Mid Level Content; Bottom of Funnel Content.
  • Top of Funnel Content is very broad and can be tied to keywords. These are good for white papers, e-books, etc. Promote this content through social media channels.
  • Mid Level Content is aimed at someone who knows they have an issue and need to know you can help them with it. Case studies are very helpful here.
  • Bottom of Funnel Content provides specific examples showing why your company is better than other vendors. This is where to use comparison reports and offer consultations.
  • You cannot only provide Bottom of Funnel content! You need to start with the upper layers of content to build your brand and walk them along the buyers’ journey before you can ask about consultations. 
  • 3rd-party validation is much more effective than a case study. Leverage the strong SEO rankings of established review sites by having your customers leave reviews. These reviews are longtail, but the value will be shown over time.
  • Inbound marketing is much more cost effective than outbound marketing. It’s cheaper and more efficient to build out a content machine than it is to train people  and take shots in the dark. With inbound, you can nurture leads and then cherry pick specific accounts.
  • You need to respond to reviews, especially the bad ones! When you own up to your mistakes, it increases the confidence that a buyer has in your company when making their purchase decision.

Quote of the Show:

  • “The one thing I’d highly recommend to MSP providers is you cannot just do Bottom of Funnel content campaigns. You can’t just ask people for a free consultation.” – Olivier L’Abbé

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