SMBs Adopting Tech – Shruti Ghatge – Partner Led Growth – Episode #001

The challenges for MSPs and SMBs are ever-evolving and increasingly intertwined leading to a highly complex and specialized environment. Shruti Ghatge, the founder of Zomentum shares her thoughts on the largest issues in the industry and some of the solutions to them. Despite the problems caused by the growing adoption of tech solutions by SMBs, Technology Partners have a way to find real success that can provide solutions at scale to an ever-growing customer base.


  • SMBs are adopting tech at an unprecedented rate which has only been accelerated by the COVID-19 Pandemic.
  • SMBs are moving away from the main 2 to 3 legacy apps and going to highly specific problem-solving tools. This makes SMBs highly reliant on their partners.
  • Zomentum is based on providing consolidated and vetted solutions that solve the emerging business challenges that partners face.
  • Zomentum completely closes the loop for technology partners and is an all-encompassing revenue platform.
  • For MSPs, choosing the right innovative SAAS solutions is a nightmare because there are tens of thousands of them that exist and every client is different.
  • Because every client is different, the research that MSPs put into solutions for one client isn’t reusable for other clients.
  • Zomentum is in a special position because it is adaptable enough to help partners provide solutions for all of their clients.

Quote of the Show: 

  • “Frankly speaking, partners deserve better solutions for their own business and solutions that they resell to their end clients” – Shruti Ghatge

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