The SaaS Assumption Gap – George Smith – Partner Led Growth – Episode #012

MSPs need to work with customers to close the chasm of assumed responsibility around their IT solutions and their management. George Smith is providing the keys to help you mind the gap with your clients! You’ll learn about the opportunities that are available for MSPs, how to identify and communicate the core problem of Shadow IT to your customers, and when the MSP should actually fire a client.


  • Many customers view their MSPs and IT consultants as responsible for the SaaS applications that they are using. 
  • This view goes beyond the managed service agreements and is part of the growing gap between what customers assume MSPs are taking care of and what MSPs are actually delivering and being paid for.
  • There is a great opportunity for MSPs to provide more to their customers by becoming more comfortable with managing SaaS applications, even if they’ve never heard of them.
  • The core problem with shadow IT is employees of a company signing up for SaaS to help them at their jobs without any oversight from the MSPs or IT consultants. To avoid this, MSPs need to be able to take inventory of every SaaS app their client is using.
  • Functional leaders need to make their voices heard around the SaaS tools their teams like to use and don’t like to use. It’s important to involve data in these conversations when possible.
  • If a client does not want to pay for security, it’s probably best for the MSP to fire them as a client. 
  • When pitching your services as an MSP, take the time to make sure your client fully understands what SaaS solutions are and explain what shadow IT is.
  • Don’t be afraid to be direct in order to get a “no” from a prospect, this will allow you to get back to warm leads without getting ghosted. Also, don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and call your prospects, inboxes get flooded, so find another way.

Quote of the Show:

  • “The workers aren’t in the castle anymore, which was secure, which was the network, they’re out in the fields. Technology partners really need to adapt and enhance their toolset to be able to cater for this new normal” – George Smith

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