Driving Digital Transformations – Ananth Avva – Partner Led Growth – Episode #013

MSPs deal with clients using hundreds of SaaS applications which are often connected in a tangled web that makes fixing a problem nearly impossible. Thankfully, the tools to create a straightforward framework and provide visibility exist and Ananth Avva is shining the spotlight on them. From this episode, you’ll understand the emerging new role that MSPs fill for their clients, how to build connected systems using input from the right people, and 


  • With the switch to remote work over the past few years, data has shown a 20% in employee productivity. To compensate for this, remote workers have increased the hours they work by 30% which is leading to burnout. 
  • MSPs are becoming thought leaders for their customers, as opposed to simply the deployment mechanism for technology. Customers are going to their MSPs with questions such as how to reduce costs and accelerate digital transformations.
  • When you need two systems to communicate to complete a process, you really need a database, which can do more than OCR technology, RPA, and iPaaS connectors.
  • Before MSPs can enable the business to build their own ecosystems, they need to make sure there is a framework in place for deploying tools and the MSP has visibility of the processes when those tools are used.
  • When building or connecting systems, MSPs need to take an agile approach. This drives alignment with the business owner and functional leaders as the MSP is going through the building process. It’s easier to reconcile with both groups this way.
  • Many functional leaders and their employees are unaware of the tools and automated solutions that they have available to them, so as the MSP you need to show them what is actually possible.
  • For many of the processes that the customers of MSPs are using, there are no right or wrong answers. Because of this, MSPs need tools that are malleable enough to change as the processes evolve. 

Quote of the Show:

  • The more connected your tech stack is, the more you can reduce the load on your knowledge workers” – Ananth Avva

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